Exhibitions and gallery show

I have been holding my art exhibitions since 2012. I exhibited actively in Cambridge, Ely, and London. (Babylon Gallery, Kettles Yard Gallery, King’s College Art Room, Asia House)

Besides mainstream galleries, I also love interesting and quirky places to show my art. I love some certain types of Cafè, teahouse, cinema, chapel, and warehouses.

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It is an artful teahouse with more than 100 types of tea! Whenever you go to Ely, stop by Samovar Teahouse for an interesting tea experience!

Black and White Food show at Aid & Abet gallery in July, 2012. I wore white and made black food and my friend Nico wore black and made white food. It was a very interesting show mixed with drawings and food. at the end we all sat down and ate everything. black or white.

At this exhibition, I also put a dream donation bag for people to write and draw their dreams. Cinema is a dream making place. Therefore I exhibited most of my stories that inspired by dreams.

In Septemeber, 2012, I had an exhibition at Leper Chapel, Cambridge. I also made a black Christmas tree and celebrated a Black Christmas with people there. It was a concert night, plus an erotic poem reading session.