Chen Xi

I come from Beijing, China
A place where the jade dragon drinks aromatic subtle tea above rose clouds.
I love drawing and writing.
Dream and Death are my favorite themes.

Here is a brief introduction about myself. I am willing to work with interesting commissions!

Language level
Native Language: Mandarin Chinese, Fluent English and Italian

2004-2005: Master Degree in “Media and Culture Analysis”, Loughborough University, UK.
2000-2004: Bachelor Degree in “English Language and Literature”, Nan Kai University, Tianjin, China
2011 summer course: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London: Illustrating Comics and Graphic Novels,

Publications and Exhibitions

♣ Illustrator for the books ‘Japanese Gourmet Trip’ and ‘Thailand Gourmet Trip’ by Lonely Planet in China, 2017.

♣ Illustrator for the book ‘Fat-Culture and Materiality’ by SDX Joint Publishing Company in China, 2017.
♣ Writer and Artist for the illustrated book ‘British Gourmet Guide’ by Post Horses Press in 2017.
♣ Illustrator for the book ‘Letters to Rosa’ by Alan Macfarlane, published by Cambridge Rivers Press, 2016.
♣ Translator of the Xu Zhimo Poetry and Art Festival 2016 Anthology.
♣ Author and artist of the graphic novel: Dreams and Shadows, Tales from Planet Xi Teahouse 2015.

♣ Art design for singer Ezio Lunedei’s albums Adam and the Snake. ( in 2014 and Daylight Moon in 2016.
♣ Writer and Illustrator for the novel Under the Sky of Rome, China, 2010
♣ Sketchbook Project Tour Show in America of 2011 by Art House. Theme: Coffee and Cigarettes
♣ Illustrator for an Italian website called Associna, Rome, Italy, 2008
♣ Illustrator for bilingual magazine called Cina In Italia, Rome, Italy, 2008
♣ Illustrator for Are You Really Going to Eat That by Robb Walsh, China, 2008
♣ Illustrator for a monthly magazine called Chinese Traditional Medicine, Beijing, China, 2007


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